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Closer to the client and the user, we develop contextual projects in which to live, aimed at meeting present needs and future adaptations. NivelA2’s professional experience is focused on four lines of services: construction, renovation, refurbishment and consultancy.
Our work philosophy is defined by efficiency, transparency, effort, and professionalism. To achieve this, we rely on the best technicians, craftsmen, and subcontractors. We have accumulated over 30 years of experience in the construction of multi-family and single-family residential buildings, offices, hotels, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.
Imagen de una vivienda moderna en Mallorca que ilustra la sección de 'Construcción de viviendas en Mallorca'. La casa presenta un diseño contemporáneo con líneas limpias, grandes ventanales y materiales de alta calidad. La fachada combina elementos de piedra y hormigón, creando un aspecto elegante y moderno. Esta imagen representa el enfoque en la construcción de viviendas modernas y sofisticadas en Mallorca.


Building a new property is not difficult. To do it while managing deadlines, cost, quality and safety is a complex science that requires professionals who are committed to their work and experts in each area in order to exceed the client’s initial expectations without deviating from their quality, deadline and price goals.


We are specialists in home renovations in Mallorca. We design the reform of your space to exceed your expectations. We create avant-garde, functional and practical spaces for your company or home.

Our team of interior designers and project managers will carry out the planned project within the agreed deadlines and prices.

Reformas de viviendas en Mallorca
servicios de rehabilitación para viviendas en Mallorca. En la imagen se pueden ver profesionales trabajando en la renovación de fachadas, reparación de techos, instalación de sistemas de climatización, mejora de la eficiencia energética, reformas de interiores y adaptaciones para personas con movilidad reducida. Estos servicios de rehabilitación están diseñados para mejorar la calidad y funcionalidad de las viviendas, proporcionando soluciones personalizadas y de alta calidad para los propietarios en Mallorca

Housing rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a key tool for addressing social inequalities and improving people’s quality of life. We are experts in housing rehabilitation in Mallorca.

We always work with the highest quality materials to achieve perfect finishes and optimal results. Additionally, we handle high-risk cases, acting quickly to ensure the building’s safety.


The consultancy service is one of the newest services offered by nivela2, providing its clients -individuals and companies- with tailor-made advice in the event that they require in-depth studies and/or analyses to meet their real estate needs.

The experts in our company’s office will provide you with the most appropriate attention and response depending on the case.